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Your first investment property guide

Author: Gemma





Time and consideration should be taken when buying your first investment property.

How you will fund your purchase, calculating your yield, property management and planning a contingency plan should all be considered before you invest in property.

Once you have a clear understanding of your financial obligations, you may wish to consider where to buy property to secure the best returns.

Let’s face it, if you are going to invest your money in property, you want to receive the best return on your cash.

Where to invest?

Historically, London has been a top choice for investors however, rising property prices in the capital has triggered a flurry of investment in the regions.

Economic hubs such as Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester have attracted the attention of investors who are able to purchase property at a lower entry level than London. Investors can benefit from higher rental returns.

Generation rent

Research shows that around a sixth of people in the UK now live in the private rental sector.

According to Knight Frank, the private rental sector accounts for 17% of the total number of households in the UK.

There is shortage of housing in the UK’s rental sector. A report by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) showed a rise in demand for rental property last month.

Despite this rise, a 7% monthly decrease in new homes coming to the market was recorded.

It is clear that there is a shortfall in buy-to-let property on the market.

Access your free guide

For those looking for purchase their first investment property, Experience Invest has compiled a free Buy-to-Let Property Location Guide.

The first issue looks at the buy-to-let market in Leeds.

Considered the financial capital of the north, Leeds is emerged as a hotspot for buy-to-let property.

The free guide provides information about the city’s local property market and focuses on why investors should purchase investment property in Leeds.

Your free location guide includes:

• Why invest in buy-to-let property?
• Location focus: Leeds, UK
• News, features and market insights
• Video: See inside an available property
• Questions? Email Experience Invest

Simply follow the link to access your free Buy-to-Let Location Guide to Leeds.

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