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Why look for a business for sale when you can purchase high yield investments?

Author: Gemma





From entrepreneurs to money moguls, investing in a business for sale could be a good way to expand a growing business empire and earn a good income.

However, in reality, running a successful business is much easier for some than others and while purchasing an established business may be a savvy investment decision, it’s a hands-on and sometimes a life changing choice which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Let’s face it, if it was easy to run your own successful business, everyone would do it.

But good news for those looking to make money from a business, there could be an easier way to generate an income.

Have you considered high yield investments?

Instead of looking for a business for sale, why not invest in an established business model and reap the rewards of passive returns from the UK’s property market?

The established nature of the UK’s property market means that there is a variety of sectors to invest in.

London-based property agent, Experience Invest has a proven track record in delivering high yield investments to investors, with student property, care homes, residential buy-to-let and commercial property being their best performing asset classes.

Investors can receive up to 10% NET returns per annum on a number of UK property investments exclusive to Experience Invest.

The flexible nature of property investments of this kind allows investors to sell units any time after Exchange of Contracts and, in some cases, the investment is purchased with a buyback option in place.

The fully managed nature of this type of opportunity enables investors to take a passive approach to the investment. All opportunities purchased through Experience Invest are sold with a rental assurance in place (often between 3 to 10 years) enabling investors to know what their returns will be every year for a pre-determined amount of time.

Click here to browse Experience Invest’s latest range of high yield investments.

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