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Want to uncover the UK’s top buy-to-let hotspots?

Author: Gemma





A new interactive map from has defined the best and the worst locations for buy-to-let property investments across the UK.

With rising investor demand for buy-to-let opportunities off the back of low interest rates and record rental returns, the sector is booming in the UK.

However some locations are more profitable than others.

Moving your money into buy-to-let property doesn’t have to be rocket science. Follow the link to see the full interactive map and uncover the UK’s buy-to-let hotspots.

Looking for a buy-to-let investment?

Experience Invest offers investors exclusive access to high-yielding buy-to-let opportunities in the UK. There are now a limited number of fully managed, buy-to-let apartments in 90 Princess Street and The Skyline.

Both developments are located in areas which are defined as ‘strong’ for buy-to-let investment by the interactive map.

For more information about how to receive a passive income from this popular asset class, contact us today.

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