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UK Property Reviews
Looking to the future with Experience Invest
22 Mar 2019
Author: Experience Invest





Looking to the future with Experience Invest

For landlords and property investors in the UK at the moment, there are a lot of questions to be answered about what the future could bring.

Undoubtedly the biggest consideration of all at the moment is Brexit, with even the highest authorities in the country still unsure about how and when Britain could leave the European Union.

However, there is a lot of cause for ongoing optimism in the property market, which has shown its resilience and reliability during a number of challenging periods over the past couple of decades.

This is a subject explored by Jerald Solis, business development and acquisitions director at Experience Invest, in the above video.

He explains why the Brexit impact on the currency markets has been a good thing for the flow of international investment into UK property, and also discusses the significance of tax changes implemented in recent years for landlords.

Prospective investors should take a look at the video to find out which property asset classes are proving particularly lucrative at the moment, and to hear Mr Solis’ tips on the best way to prepare for a big purchase.

Experience Invest isn’t the only company represented in the video, however, with Ray Boulger, independent mortgage expert at John Charcol, also featuring.

Mr Boulger touches on some of the challenges landlords have encountered in the past few years, such as increased compliance requirements created by new legislation, the three per cent stamp duty surcharge and higher income taxes.

Despite this, buyers are continuing to show interest in UK property as a rewarding, reliable asset class. It has proven itself as a solid investment and there is “every reason to think that will continue”, according to Mr Boulger.

For more videos showcasing Britain’s real estate sector and the opportunities it currently offers, visit the Experience Invest YouTube channel.