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Video! How can Experience Invest assist me when buying an investment property?

Author: Luke





Buying an investment property is a big purchase.

The team at Experience Invest explain why it is important to engage a specialist Management Company who will manage, market and maintain your investment after the purchase.

Watch this short video to find out how Experience Invest can help individual investors when buying an investment property.

Student property is widely considered the UK’s best performing asset class with returns outperforming all other property sectors. Institutional investor levels are now at an all-time high and are expected to grow even further across Europe and the Middle East according to a recent report by Savills. The UK in particular saw a student property investment of $6.5billion between January and September in 2015. This has now put it above the US which saw less than half of that at $3billion over the same period despite having a student population that’s nine times larger.

The top four student investment deals so far in 2015 have all been from foreign investors and all for over $500million which shows that global investors are confident that the UK student property sector has matured and is a prime investment opportunity.

A Management Company should provide a long term strategy that will ensure the property is rented and maintained in its best possible condition if you decide to sell position. Property Management Companies can make sure that higher quality tenants are selected which increases the reliability of on-time rent payments, lowers tenant turnover and minimises property wear and tear.

Property Management Companies can also provide expert legal advice in the event of a troublesome tenant. Property law is a complex field and not following the required procedures for terminating leases or deposit handling can lead to significant financial losses.

As an independent property specialist, Experience Invest are focused on sourcing real estate opportunities for you across the UK and is able to help those buying an investment property.

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