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Student accommodation

US students to get more opportunities to study abroad

Author: Gemma





Universities across the US are making it easier for their students to grasp opportunities to study abroad.

Many establishments have now set up different ways to encourage students to take this life changing option, following a campaign known as ‘Generation Study Abroad’.

It is hoped this initiative will double the number of US students that decide to spend some time in universities in other parts of the world.
The scheme should help to improve US global competitiveness, but it will also provide a welcome financial boost for host institutions and provide further economic benefits for the country selected.

If the project proves successful, it could see more people choosing to invest in student accommodation, in order to take advantage of the incoming student numbers that will need a place to stay near their chosen host university.

The UK is the most popular area for US students to study abroad in. According to the Open Doors report on US student mobility, some 34,660 students agreed to travel to the UK to further their education during the 2011-12 academic year. It also revealed that 15,000 US students attended UK universities for their full degree programme during this time.

It’s not just the US where students are encouraged to attend universities in the UK, students from all over the world want to take advantage of the country’s top reputation when it comes to quality education.

In fact, the UK government is trying to make it easier for more students from overseas to obtain a visa to study in the country.

This all points to good news for those who want to invest in student accommodation. While demand has been steadily rising for bespoke, purpose-built student housing, the influx of overseas students is only set to limit the existing supply further.

Of course this means that student property will be filled quickly, as students fight for available rooms. If the government continues to welcome international students to the UK, this demand is set to increase for years to come, providing continued return on initial investment.

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