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Student accommodation

UK universities bracing for student increases

Author: Gemma





UK universities are preparing for an increase of 30,000 students in the next academic year.

Chancellor George Osborne announced the rise in available student places in the Autumn Statement in December, but many institutions have raised fears that a lack of necessary funding will leave teaching resources stretched too thin, Times Higher Education reports.

This could lead to a cut in the spending per student on higher education, which may affect the quality of learning provided by these institutions.

However, the chancellor suggested the money taken in additional course fees will cover most of the costs of the new entrants and the Higher Education Funding Council for England will still contribute to educating students in high-cost subjects and those who are from less well-off backgrounds.

In addition to stretching educational resources at universities, the increase in student numbers will also put a strain on available housing in many towns and cities.

Universities often offer their own on-campus living quarters, but current facilities are nowhere near enough to deal with the impending influx of new pupils.

This is why off-site accommodation is becoming increasingly sought-after, as students look for bespoke facilities that meet their temporary needs.

Many are also turning away from traditional housing lets in towns or cities, as the rental contracts are unreasonable for those staying for less than 12 months at a time.

The government is encouraging more students from overseas to study in the UK in order to increase the country’s reputation for quality education and to provide a number of economic and cultural benefits.

This means long-term accommodation is needed by many travelling students and purpose-built student properties are often the most comfortable and beneficial.

By taking advantage of the rising student numbers in the UK with an investment in student accommodation, you could receive lucrative returns on the money you put in.

With demand so high, rooms will be filled quickly year-on-year, therefore providing stable returns over the long-term.

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