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Student accommodation

UK student satisfaction rising, survey shows

Author: Gemma





A study covering most of the last decade has discovered that students in the UK are increasingly satisfied with their studies in the UK, a factor which could contribute to swelling applicant numbers in the next few years.

According to the findings from The Higher Education Funding Council for England’s (Hefce) National Student Survey (NSS), which seeks responses from two million final year students nationwide, since 2005, satisfaction levels have been increasing repeatedly.

In the period focussed on, it was discovered that the satisfaction level among these students has risen from 80.2 per cent in 2005 to reach 85 per cent in 2013. Academic support and assessment were the areas that saw the highest levels of increase in satisfaction during this period.

Happiness with regards to assessment and feedback rose by 12 per cent throughout the researched years, the BBC reports, while academic support’s rating climbed by the same ratio.

There were discrepancies also found in what people were studying as opposed to where they attended university, with those who were studying veterinary sciences, physical sciences, mathematical sciences and geographical studies among the very happiest students.

Hefce chief executive, Prof Madeleine Atkins, said: “The NSS is an invaluable source of intelligence for universities and colleges.

“The reports we are publishing today confirm the robustness of the NSS, and the value it adds to UK higher education. Hefce will now work with the other UK funding bodies, universities and colleges, and students, to make refinements for the future.”

Improved satisfaction levels come in spite of the government raising tuition fees in the last few years, and should alleviate fears that there would be a long-term drop in people attending university as a result.

In fact, student numbers look like they are going to rise this year, according to UCAS figures, and with the cap on the number of students universities can take on being lifted, it will be good news for student property investors.

Those putting their money into this sort of venture can expect some of the best yields around, and with a rise in the number of students likely to be a reality over the next few years, it will mean demand remaining high, giving them the very best chance of fantastic returns.

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