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Student accommodation

UK student numbers set to hit record highs as A-level results are released

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The latest A-level results mean that UK student numbers are set to hit record highs.

Landlords operating in the ever more popular student property market could be about to welcome a swell in demand for their stock, after it was revealed that there have been a record number of students offered places in UK universities for the academic year set to begin in September.

UK student numbers hit highs

On the day that A-level results were released, wherein it was revealed that there was a pass rate of more than 98 per cent across England and Wales.

UCAS has said that there were more than 420,000 places offered to students this year at UK universities. Read more…

This represents an impressive three per cent growth when compared to the same time last year, meaning that there will be a greater level of demand for student properties than there has been in the past, as more students look for places to live, and universities themselves struggle to meet demand with their own accommodation.

In terms of this year’s exam results, the overall pass rate is more or less the same as was recorded 12 months ago.

However, the swell in the number of people now likely to be headed to university has been brought about by the removal of caps on student numbers for institutions, meaning that there are now more places available for applicants than there have ever been before.

UCAS seems to suggest that there has been sufficient demand to facilitate this change, with a greater number of acceptance letters being sent out than at any point in the past.

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Student accommodation needed

And the 420,000 students who have already been accepted onto courses are not likely to be the only ones heading off to university this year.

The age-old scramble of clearing is expected to be easier to navigate than in recent years in 2016, largely thanks to the removal of student numbers caps.

It means that in the weeks after the exam results have been released, we’re likely to see record UK student numbers as more get accepted to universities, pushing the level of demand for properties higher again, which can only be good news for landlords.

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