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UK commercial property market is the world’s most transparent

Author: Gemma





Commercial property markets the world over are becoming more and more transparent, but the UK remains the most transparent of all, marking good news for investors in the sector, the latest report released by Jones Lang LaSalle has shown.

The index, which looked at 102 key markets the world over, found that 80 per cent have become more transparent in the past year when compared to the 12 months that came prior.

Jones Lang LaSalle said that a surge in foreign direct investment and corporate occupier activity was the main driver behind transparency, as a greater level of investment meant people spending money were pressing for markets to become more fluid and transparent and more governments realised that addressing this issue would mean less inbound investment in years ahead.

Top of the table for investment transparency was the UK followed by the United States, Australia, New Zealand and France. Canada and the Netherlands were also in the top group, which is considered to be ‘highly transparent’. It was the first time that the UK had topped Jones Lang LaSalle’s list, having previously been pipped to top spot by the US.

Transparency in property markets is judged by looking at the ease of entering and exiting for investors, as well as the way in which regulatory issues are laid out and not hidden away.

In order to work out which markets are the most transparent across the globe, JLL analyses a number of different factors that can affect investors when they are spending money on commercial property.

These indices include the likes of performance measurement, market fundamentals, governance of listed vehicles, regulatory and legal and transaction process.

Further good news for investors buying in the UK comes from the fact JLL reports that “the world’s dominant commercial real estate markets are in better shape than at any time since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009”.

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