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UCAS: 4% rise in UK university applications

Author: Gemma





Despite a small decline in the number of 18 year old applicants, UCAS has revealed that overall UK university applications have increased by 4%.

Data from UCAS – the admin body behind further education in the UK – shows that in total, 580,000 applicants applied for UK university courses.

There was a notable increase in the number of women applying for spaces and there was an also an increase in the number of student applying from the worst-off areas in England.

Out of the overall figure, 333,700 (58%) women applied and 246,300 men applied for spaces. The 87,000 difference in number has been highlighted as an unsettling trend.

However UCAS has found that young people from poorer areas of the country are more likely to apply for a space today than when compared to 10 years ago.

The decline of European language courses

There was a 5% decline in the number of people applying to study European language courses with applications falling from 20,350 last year to 19,300 this year.

In response to the data, Wendy Piatt, director of the Russell Group of research universities told The Guardian: “We are worried by the continuing drop in applicants for both European and non-European languages. We need language graduates to meet the needs of our economy and society.”

Applications for engineering courses increased from 127,000 to 141,000, and applications for computer science courses rose from 86,300 to 97,000.

Continual rise in applications

The 2012 rise in tuition fees affected the number of applicants applying for UK university courses. Despite the decline, the higher educational system is still highly oversubscribed.

Figures remain slightly behind the 2011 peak where 583,000 students applied to beat the rise in fees of up to £9,000.
The latest data from UCAS shows that a total of 580,000 applicants from the UK, EU and overseas have applied for UK university courses.

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