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Top Tips to Sell Your Property and Move Abroad

Author: Luke





The time has come for a big change to occur in your life. You are planning to move abroad! This is an enormous step you are about to make, as it requires you to look not only at what is ahead, but also what you have right now and what you are about to do with it. If you are a house owner, you should have a plan about what to do with your house before you start calling the house movers.

One way of dealing with your old house is renting it. That would mean prepping it up and refurbishing it for the new tenants. Renting out is risky, however, as you will be away and you will not have the opportunity to deal with all the issues that might arise, like something breaking down, or dealing with your tenant if he does not pay the rent. One way to fix this is hiring a property manager to do all this for you, but that will cost you quite a bit – do you really want to spend too much money when moving to a new country, where you cannot be sure just how much the living will cost?

The best way to deal with this is selling the property. But there is an issue here as well. You will need to sell the property before you move away, and you should definitely not deal with this overseas. Make a moving checklist and call the removal company you will be using. Send all the items on that checklist to your new location so that you will have a clean house to deal with. Now it is time to prep it up for sale.

The first things on your to-do list are clean up and repaint. You have to make the house as much appealing as possible to any potential buyer, so you have to depersonalise it from any themes you might have used. You are looking for a quick sell, you have no time to seek out specific buyers. Paint the house in neutral colours, then clean it up and make it look spotless and irresistible to paying customers. To make it even more appealing, leave some of the things you will not be needing in your new place abroad as an incentive. Work on the interior as well as the exterior – do not miss any spots and go about all the rooms, fixing all the problems you can find. Inspect for mould as well, and try to remove any lingering smells.

After that, find yourself a real estate agent. They are professionals and their job is finding the highest-paying buyer in the shortest amount of time, and that is exactly what you need. Do not have pretences about the buyers – you will not be seeing the house anymore anyway, all you need is their money.

After all this, the time for your relocation has almost arrived. Pack up and call to see if the moving company successfully transferred all your things. If all is well, it is time for you to follow them and start your life anew.

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