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Student accommodation

Three UK student cities set to thrive in the 2020s

Author: Riccardo





The UK is famous around the world as a centre of high-quality further education.

Oxford and Cambridge universities, as well as prestigious London institutions like Imperial College London, will always attract a lot of attention, but one of the strongest attributes of the British education system is its diversity. It’s about much more than London and the south, as this list of thriving regional student cities shows:


This famous city in the north-west of England is home to a number of top institutions, including the University of Liverpool and John Moores University. In addition to its educational offerings, it gives students the opportunity to experience life in a city that is known around the world for its rich history and vibrant culture.

Property investors can also take confidence from the wider economic trends in Liverpool, such as rising house prices and local industry growth.


Various factors point to a positive future for student property in Cardiff, including the improvements taking place at institutions like the University of South Wales and Cardiff University.

This work will make the city a more attractive destination for students, increasing potential returns for investors. Tenants also benefit from the fact that Cardiff was the most affordable city for students in 2019, according to NatWest.


Newcastle has been ranked as the eighth best student city in the UK, partly because of the good reputation of institutions like Northumbria University and the University of Newcastle.

Much like Liverpool, Newcastle has a distinctive culture and a sense of identity – not to mention plenty of nightlife and entertainment – that makes it an attractive destination for students.

Investors focusing on the international student market – a valuable source of demand and rental returns – will also be encouraged by the fact that Newcastle Airport is strengthening links between the north-east and the rest of the world.

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