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Staging your property for a quick sale

Author: Luke





Have you ever felt at of a loss when someone uses an apparently new term to describe a course of action you might have taken many times before?

A good example might be the use of the word staging, which seems to have crept into the vocabularies used by interior designers, decorators and estate agents. Despite the apparent unfamiliarity of the term, it simply refers to the various stages through which you might want to proceed when preparing your home for viewings preceding a sale or to tempt prospective tenants when letting a property.

Keeping abreast of any such novel terminology – while not throwing out the well proven tips and tricks of the past – East London estate agent suggests a number of stages you might want to address to showcase your property to its best advantage and, therefore, make a quicker sale or letting.

• Tackle the clutter. In the world of interior design, less is almost always more and the clutter of random, misplaced pieces of furniture or bric-a-brac invariably detracts from a room’s appeal.

• Let the outside in. Clutter may be one thing, but the beauty of flowers or any other plant life (especially from your own garden) is difficult to beat when you are looking to brighten up and make more vibrant any kind of living space;

• Let there be light. A bright and sunny room during the day can be transformed when darkness falls through the use of lighting effects, styles and angles.

• Keeping up appearances. The creative use of decoration, furniture and furnishings may also be used to give the impression of greater space, as illustrated in a gallery of photographs on staging published by HGTV;

• Spruce up the kitchen. Not everything you do needs to cost a fortune. Tired and worn kitchen units, for instance, may be given a makeover by changing the fronts, doors and drawer panels.

• All change. Consider moving furniture from one room to another if there is a chance of making better use of it in a new location or in order to form small groups of coordinated and interesting pieces of furniture;

• Variety is the spice of life. With a little creativity and imagination you might also bring more interest and enjoyment of wall hangings by introducing variety in the texture and fabrics used.

• Neutral or bold? Although one of the watchwords for generally appealing interior design might be the use of neutral colours, you might also want to experiment with the occasional use of bolder, darker colours where appropriate, to give a sense of cosiness or calm.

For all the apparent novelty of staging to make the most of your home in order to a secure a quicker sale, it probably boils down to no more than taking a concerted, planned and step by step approach to sprucing things up and making the most of your home and the imagination and creativity you have been able to bring to bear – many of the things, in other words, that you already have been planning to do.

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