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Some 19% of Brits consider buy-to-let a good long-term investment

Author: Luke





Is Buy-to-let Investment a good long-term strategy?

A total of one in five people see buy-to-let investments as the safest option for their long-term savings, according to new research.

According to, 19 per cent of respondents to their survey about asset classes found that they were still confident in the buy-to-let market despite the new regulations the government has brought in and the upcoming tax changes.

The research also found that 34 per cent of those who responded to their survey said that putting their money in high interest ISAs was the best way to safeguard their savings. Meanwhile, 13 per cent reported that they favoured premium bonds and seven per cent thought stocks and shares were the best option for them.

There was a generational difference reflected in the survey, with older generations less likely to favour buy-to-let investments in the long term. Some 15 per cent of those aged 55 and over said they preferred this asset class, compared to 25 per cent of those aged between 35 and 44.

For those aged over 55, the most popular safe bet investment option were high interest ISAs, with 36 per cent more likely to choose this.

There were also regional disparities in the findings. Buy-to-let was more popular with those based in London, with 26 per cent considering it the safest investment option. In the north east, however, just 11 per cent thought it was a good option.

Nick Marr, co-founder of, said: β€œIt was interesting to see that despite the recent cuts to buy-to-let tax relief, increased Stamp Duty on second home purchases and tighter rules for buy-to-let lending, property investment still holds enduring appeal for Brits looking to secure their long-term savings.”

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