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Securing assured returns for a strong investment

Author: Staff





Property investment has become more popular in recent times with buyers than traditional assets such as stocks and shares. The safe haven nature of the British property sector and the strong returns from a range of different sectors such as commercial, residential and student property, has meant that more people than ever are looking to put their money into the market.

However, there are certain things that people looking to invest in property need to know in order to make their venture a success. It’s important, for example, to remember that property is not an asset where you will get rich quick, and chasing the fast return on investment and a lightning quick profit is not the best way to practice in this area.

For property investors, playing the long game is the secret to success. With typical yields, dependent on asset class, of between five and ten per cent, investors are not going to become a millionaire overnight. But these strong figures pave the way, if played right, to a potential for a strong future.

Watch video to see how you can generate a passive income through property investment.

One of the best ways to play the long game is to invest in below market value property with a company like Experience Invest. These off-plan buildings will often be multi-unit apartment blocks which allow investors to buy as low as a single unit, and their low valuation means that in most cases, the returns from rental income will be strong.

Another real positive in this type of investment is that buyers can assure themselves a set return for a number of years. When buying, Experience Invest will typically assure an investor a return somewhere between seven and ten per cent on their investment for as many as three or five years.

This allows investors to play the long game with a very safe investment, knowing that no matter what happens in the market in that time, their own investment will provide them with an agreed return.

The peace of mind that this can give buyers is one of the most soothing aspects, and can be a real positive for anyone who is buying residential property to let for the first time.

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