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Student accommodation

Phase One success leads to the launch of Phase Two of new student accommodation development

Author: Gemma





After the sell-out success of Phase One of London Spring Place, Experience Invest has now launched Phase Two of the student accommodation development.

Located less than a 5 minute walk from the University of Bedfordshire and Luton’s town centre, London Spring Place is perfectly situated to answer to the demand for good quality student accommodation in the local area.

There is currently an acute shortage of modern rooms in the town, with property experts highlighting the need for new developments to replace the outdated accommodation supplied by the University.

Local Luton estate agent, David Westcott recently commented: “At the end of the day we need more student accommodation. We have already got a base of customers that goes on year after year and the problem is that there isn’t enough accommodation to go around.”

With the construction of Phase One now underway, Experience Invest is pleased to launch Phase Two of the ground-breaking student scheme.

Experience Invest is no stranger to Luton’s student property market. The Company’s flagship development, London Park House was completed in 2014 and is currently fully occupied by students. Watch video to see inside the development…

Phase Two units launched at London Spring Place

Phase Two of London Spring Place marks the launch of Experience Invest’s third student property development in Luton.

The modern en-suite rooms inside London Spring Place are priced from £63,750. The larger, self-contained studio apartments are priced from £75,380.

Both types of accommodation will generate an 8% NET return per annum. Returns are assured for the first 5 years of the investment and 3% interest is paid on deposited funds throughout the build period.

“London Spring Place is our only student accommodation investment located in the south of England. The development is only 25 minutes by train from London and it is just a short walk from the University of Bedfordshire. The development will appeal to students who wish to stay in reasonably priced accommodation which features loads of mod-cons. Students will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of onsite facilities which are included in the price of their accommodation,” Dale Anderson, Project Manager explains.

Phase Two en-suite and studio rooms within London Spring Place are only available through Experience Invest. For those looking for a student room to rent in Luton, this project will be one of the best available on the local market and will bring high quality accommodation to an undersupplied market.

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