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Passive Income Investing

Author: Luke





Here we have listed the most effective passive income investing methods with a quick description. Feel free to comment and ask us to expand on any of the points.

Income investing is where you build a collection of investments that yield regular income streams.


List of passive income investing ideas

These are things like peer-to-peer lending also known as crowd-lending. Companies match borrowers with savers who are willing to invest for a certain length of time. Savers can benefit from higher returns and borrower’s lower rates are the high street backs are cut out of the equation.

You can invest in start-up businesses via new type of serviced and websites like seedrs, Crowdcude and Funding Tree and in some cases for as little as £10. These new websites have made investing in start-up business very accessible to everyone and no longer just exclusively for business angels and venture capitalists.

However, if you can afford it the most popular type of passive income investing is to acquire fully-managed properties that offer regular assured income, typically purpose-built development like student halls of residence for example.

Student accommodation is now a leading asset class and for this exact reason. Investors benefit from assured passive income, universities benefit from have quality accommodation in the local area, and students get good quality secure accommodation, everyone is a winner.

For more information about this popular passive income investment then take a few minutes to read the latest 2017 Student Accommodation Investment guide –

IMPORTANT: This is not financial advice. If you are considering any of these income investments, you should consult a professional Financial Advisor.

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