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New passive income opportunity launched in the UK’s no. 1 location for buy-to-let investment

Author: Gemma





In the past investors flocked to the capital to secure a passive income from buy-to-let investments however, investors could benefit from higher returns by venturing outside of London.

In fact, a recent HSBC report has shown that 3 of the UK’s top buy-to-let locations are located in the north of England.

The report has named Manchester as the UK’s number one location for buy-to-let returns followed by Kingston upon Hull and Blackpool.

When compared to London the returns speak for themselves. Annual rents in Manchester have risen by 4% over the last year however, when compared to Newham, London’s buy-to-let hotspot, average yields fell by more than 13% over the past 12 months.

The lower entry level nature of property hotspots outside of the capital are an attractive option for buy-to-let investors.

Modest property price rises and a strong rental demand in Manchester has created a prime buy-to-let market for wannabe landlords.

Manchester’s large student population, its strong private rental sector (26.85% of the market) and its strong local economy have been cited as reasons why its rental market is thriving.

New buy-to-let investment launched

With the value of the United Kingdom’s buy-to-let property market around £1 trillion mark, the sector is truly booming.

However knowing where to invest is a key aspect for maximising rental returns and pinpointing the best location is not always glaringly obvious.

London-based property company, Experience Invest, has identified Manchester as one of the top locations in the UK for buy-to-let investment.

“HSBC’s report is just one of many available which helps to highlight the strength of Manchester’s buy-to-let market.” Dale Anderson, project manager at Experience Invest commented.

“Manchester has a large pool of renters looking for somewhere to live. The city has the highest proportion of 20 to 34 year-olds in the UK and it is home to over 105,000 students. With all investments, finding a desirable location within a major town or city can determine the success of an opportunity,” Anderson added.

Experience Invest’s latest buy-to-let investment is named Brunswick Street and it has been designed to meet the need of Manchester’s buy-to-let market.

The development is located in the Ardwick area, which is situated immediately south east of Manchester’s city centre, and is just a few minutes’ walk from the University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospital.

The Brunswick Street development comprises 39 two bedroom apartments which will be delivered fully furnished.

Investors who wish to invest in the development can purchase an apartment on a 125-year leasehold agreement. Each apartment will generate an assured 3 year income of 7% NET per annum and investors will receive 5% interest on all deposited funds.

This buy-to-let investment provides investors with a low entry level opportunity to purchase residential property in the UK. Apartments within the development are available from £136,372.

“We are incredibly pleased to offer our investors a residential buy-to-let opportunity in the UK’s number one location for buy-to-let returns. Apartments within Brunswick Street offer an assured return and the fully managed nature of the project will allow investors to receive a passive income,” Anderson added.

With only 39 apartments available, Experience Invest urges investors to act quickly if they wish to benefit from this high yielding buy-to-let investment.

Contact Experience Invest on +44 (0)207 834 1113, email or visit for more information.

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