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New Luton Location Focus Guide Launched

Author: Gemma





Rising property prices in and around London have opened up new opportunities outside of the capital for real estate investors.

The Rise of the Commuter Belt

London’s commuter belt has emerged as a natural choice for investors and buyers. Areas which boast good transport links and reasonable property prices have become popular for those who wish to work in the city but do not wish to pay the hefty price tag of renting or buying.

As a result, commuter towns like Luton have become a popular choice for those who want the best of both worlds.

New Luton Location Focus Guide Launched

To highlight the popularity of property investment in the Bedfordshire town, London-based Property Company, Experience Invest, has launched a new Luton Property Investment Guide.

The guide has been complied to highlight the large influx of investment Luton is benefitting from. Access brochure…

A new £200 light rail link will help improve commuting into the capital from London Luton Airport and £1.5 billion worth of investment is set to improve leisure, residential, commercial property and infrastructure in the town.

The University of Bedfordshire – which has a Luton-based campus – has also started a £90 million 5-year investment plan which will include a new library and Campus Centre.

Speaking about investing in Luton, Jerald Solis, Business Development and Acquisitions Director of Experience Invest has said: “Luton is only 22 minutes from London and with excellent access by road, rail and air via London Luton Airport, it is naturally bringing Luton into the spotlight as an investment hotspot. Luton has been long been featured in the national press as one of the most affordable commuter towns and it has recently been named one of the UK government’s Enterprise Zones which is a very coveted accolade.

“With rents and property prices already on the rise and student numbers climbing at a steady rate, there has never been a better time to invest in Luton.”

Simply click here to access your free Luton Location Focus Guide…

Imperial Square, Luton

Imperial Square is the latest off plan, residential property investment available through Experience Invest.

The new-build development comprises 1 and 2 bedroom apartments designed to meet the needs of the local rental market.

Investors looking to generate strong capital potential from London commuter belt property should take advantage of up to 10% early investor discount which is currently available. For more information, about Imperial Square contact Experience Invest today.

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