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Luton Property Investment Guide Launched

Author: Gemma





Download Experience Invest’s new Luton Property Investment Guide and discover how you can maximise your rental returns and secure strong capital growth potential from a leading UK property hotspot.

Luton Property Investment

Buy-to-let property in Luton has emerged as a popular choice for investors who wish to expand their property portfolio to include an asset with strong capital growth potential.

In recent years, Luton’s property hotspot status has become more prominent, as more investors and developers look towards the Bedfordshire town to capitalise on the high demand for housing.

The rental market in Luton is one of the most buoyant in London’s commuter belt, offering rental yields much higher than comparable housing in the capital.

The percentage of Luton’s population residing in private rental property is 6% higher than the average for England and Wales, with 60% of these households located in the town centre.

An overall lack of housing in Luton – which is reportedly 22 years behind the rate of construction needed to meet demand – has driven property prices in an upward trajectory.

According to Plumplot, house prices in Luton climbed by 5% between April 2018 and March 2019. When compared to London, where house price growth is at a six-year low, it is easy to see why so many investors are turning to commuter belt hotspots to maximise their return on investment.

Luton Property Investment Guide

Download Luton Property Investment Guide

To help landlords and investors to navigate Luton’s property market, Experience Invest has released a new 2019 Luton Property Investment Guide which is packed full of useful information.

The guide will help buyers to understand what is driving demand for buy-to-let property in Luton. It also explains how a £1.5 billion private investment framework will help to safeguard the future of the local rental market.

Luton’s property market presents a fantastic opportunity for investors looking for reliable rental yield and long-term capital growth potential.

Access your free Luton Property Investment Guide and discover why now is the time to invest in this London commuter belt hotspot.

Experience Invest

If you would like additional information about developments in Luton or would like to arrange a one-on-one meeting with a member of the team, simply contact Experience Invest. To find out more about the work the Experience Invest team is doing in Bedfordshire, visit our Think Luton page or connect with us on the Experience Invest LinkedIn page.

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