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Student accommodation

Is student property investment for you?

Author: Gemma





If you are looking for high occupancy levels, a passive income and a hassle-free property investment then, yes, certain types of student property investments are for you.

It is important to bear in mind that not all opportunities are the same and only some will provide you with a passive monthly income.

Things to look out for…

If you would prefer a hassle-free student property investment then it would be advisable to use a specialist Management Company who will manage, market and maintain your property investment. The company will agree to lease your property for a set amount of time (normally annual contracts) and at a set rental amount. This will combat the day-to-day management of your property investment and will help ensure that your property is lived in all year round.

If you’re buying an off-plan unit, ensure that the development has planning permission before proceeding with your purchase. This will certify that you are purchasing a student room within a safe buying environment.

You should consider the location of your chosen property investment. Is it close to a University? Does it have good transport links? Are there local amenities such as shops, bars, libraries, restaurants nearby? These are all important factors to consider when purchasing student property.

A shortfall of available rooms and the development pipeline of a location should also be on your list of things to check. An undersupplied market will help to ensure high occupancy levels for many years to come.

Available hands-off opportunities…

Experience Invest has a selection of high-yielding student property investments which are fully managed by carefully selected management companies.

To maximise returns and to ensure high occupancy levels, only developments in leading university towns or cities with a shortfall of accommodation are chosen.

As all investments launched by Experience Invest offer assured returns for a predetermined length of time, investors will know exactly how much money their investment will produce.

Should you require more information about student property investment, contact Experience Invest today.

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