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Student accommodation

[New 2018 Guide] Is Student Accommodation a Good Investment?

Author: Gemma





Since 2011, the UK’s student accommodation investment market has emerged as a top performing asset class.

As more investors enter the sector – £3.1 billion was invested in 2016 alone – a new guide has been launched that answers the question is student accommodation a good investment in 2018?

There are a lot of student accommodation investment opportunities on the market however not all student en-suite pods and studios offer investors value for money.

Here we take a look at what is in the guide to help investors to understand more about the UK’s number one asset class.

UK student accommodation investment market

The latest edition of Experience Invest’s exclusive guide takes a detailed look into the student accommodation investment market and outlines what’s been happening in the sector over the last 6 months.

From student numbers to rising rents, from Brexit to international investors, the guide details what investors need to know before entering the UK’ student accommodation investment market.

investing in student accommodation UK

Ask the experts: Is student accommodation a good investment?

UK student accommodation investment yields are some of the best around but not all investments are equal. In the latest version of this guide, Experience Invest’s Business Development and Acquisitions explains why student accommodation is a good investment for buyers looking to generate a passive income from UK property.

“In the latest version of our UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide, we take a look at the risks and rewards of the sector and look at how investors can safeguard their rental returns,” Solis explained.

“The guide is the ultimate how to guide to investing in student property opportunities and includes showcases of our completed and operational development,” Solis added.

Location Guide

Many investors ask us what is the best place to invest in student accommodation? That’s why our latest 2018 UK Student Accommodation Guide contains an in-depth guide into the hottest towns and cities for this type of investment.

Experience Invest reviews the locations that have a proven track record and have delivered returns year after year, with a special focus on Liverpool and its current shortage of 21,900 managed beds.

Contact Experience Invest for more information and to request details about student buy to let property investments.

Alternatively, read about our latest student property investment, Aura Liverpool.

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