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How Investors Are Keeping Up with the Future of Home Design

Author: Staff





Property investment is all about studying the market, which is why it is always worth keeping an eye on the trends which are taking over the future of home design. These involve a more wholistic, sustainable approach and are exemplified by the first development of Energiesprong homes in the UK, following designs based on a model which is prevalent in the Netherlands. But can homes of this type be upgraded in order to maximise their market value? And, crucially, are they worth investing in?

We will discuss the answers to these questions in this article, after first looking at the benefits of considered housing.

The Advantages of Energy-Efficient Housing

Homes of this type deliver net zero energy performance, meaning that household bills are reduced and rooms are generally warmer and more comfortable in winter. This is achieved by fitting:

• Highly insulated external walls,
• Photovoltaic roof panels,
• Ultra-efficient electrical heating systems.

What’s more, projects like these are usually covered by a long-term guarantee on energy performance. So, there are benefits to be enjoyed by landlords and tenants.

Possibility of Upgrades

In most energy-efficient homes it is possible to install improvements like staircases, galleries and balconies. Care must of course be taken to ensure that efficiency is maintained. In other words, it can be worth balancing up the improvement you wish to make with the impact it will have on the home.

Additionally, safety standards must be adhered to with every new feature added to the building. This is where a company like Barrier Components can help, by providing systems that protect tenants and visitors from accidents.

Investment Outlook

As these types of properties cost less to live in, they are extremely enticing to tenants. This alone makes them a good investment choice, because you should always be able to rent out these properties and receive an income. Added to this is the fact that these homes, provided care is taken, can still be improved with value-raising renovations. So, when it comes time to sell you should be able to put an attractive package on the market for potential buyers.

Energy efficiency reflects an important direction that the market is taking, reflecting changes in the wider world. As investors it is always worth our while to keep up to date with any new trends, because by staying ahead of changes we really can benefit in the long term. Perhaps more importantly, we can also do our bit for the environment.

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