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Infographic: All you need to know about Pension Reform

Author: Gemma





Unless you have been hiding under a rock or have been physically sitting on your nest egg, you have probably seen news about pension reforms.

As of April 2015, savers over the age of 55 have been given the freedom to spend their retirement nest egg as they see fit.

Some may opt for fast cars or holiday homes, some will invest and plan for the future but others may not have a clue what to do with their new found freedom.

But what do the new reforms actually mean? What can savers do with these new freedoms? And what are the best ways to protect your pension pot?

Experience Invest’s new infographic explains some options available to savers.

Free Pension Guide

For more detailed information, why not read Experience Invest’s 2015 Pension Reform Guide?

The guide includes…

•Recap of the reform
•Detailed insight into the available options such as:
•The pros and cons of cash
•The pros and cons buying an annuity
•The pros and cons of investing in buy-to-let property
•Investing – a general overview
•Alternative investment options (student property, off plan property, care homes etc.)
•The pros and cons of drawing the ‘natural yield’
•Safe investment tips
2015 Pension Reform Guide (Part One)
2015 Pension Reform Guide (Part Two)

Safe investment

Remember freedom comes with great responsibility. Anyone looking to branch out should seek advice. The government has a free, independent advice site which covers the basics. Anyone who is unsure of what the new reforms mean should seek advice from a trusted, regulated financial adviser.

Visit for more information.

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