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Residential buy-to-Let

How can income investing strategies protect investors from major market fluctuations?

Author: Luke





Different income investing strategies can provide investors with ways to protect their property portfolio from major market fluctuations.

Part of our due diligence at Experience Invest is to ensure that there is continuous demand for our property long-term and that we safeguard our clients from market fluctuation.

In this video the team at Experience Invest explain how we provide you with a secure tenure of investment over a period of time lasting up to 3 years; this means that you are assured a minimum return should there be any market fluctuation during that time.

At Experience Invest we also negotiate the best possible price for our clients. In the event of market fluctuation, clients are safeguarded against any potential downturn in the market because they have already bought at a pre-determined and discounted price.

Whether buying for capital growth or rental yield we can help our clients find the best properties with the highest predicted returns.

We can also provide advice on the essential considerations when looking at potential investment properties. Investors should always thoroughly research the demand of products so for student property consider the size of the university and the accommodation it supplies. Find out what room availability is like each term and if the University has any plans to expand either its student population or accommodation.

In addition to looking at the quantity of student accommodation, we would recommend researching the quality of the properties currently provided by the University. Knowing how old their facilities are, how big the rooms are and how many students there are per kitchen can help you make an informed decision on the type of property worth investing in.

Income investing strategies such as venturing into a different asset classes such as student accommodation may help investors to balance their property portfolio.

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