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Residential buy-to-Let

How a luxury designer can help your property look beautiful

Author: Luke





If you’ve purchased a property in London during the 30 years, you’ve likely hit the jackpot. Your property is probably worth a small fortune; it’s just up to you now to make the most of it. Luckily this is easily within your grasp. If you feel that the interior could do with some upgrading, you’re likely right – perhaps you’ve picked a winning location and know that with a few choice tweaks here and there you could be earning a lot of money in the rental market. Perhaps you’re not quite sure which direction to go – if you’re not, you could do worse than consider luxury interior design. Here are some tips from Belgravia estate agents, Best Gapp on making your property look exclusive…

If you want your property to be considered as ‘luxury’ you’ll need to focus on expensive products, choose designer furniture and antiques and beautiful art work that really draws the eye, shows off your property and attracts the right kind of tenant. The goal should be to create as much floor space as possible by using intelligent design. To achieve this, you will need a variety of experts such as architects and interior designers. It may take a while; but the results will be worth it.

The key to success is knowing which rooms you need to highlight. It’s constantly said that the most important rooms in a house or flat are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are key points: if either are a little shabby, it will deter renters and they will look elsewhere and you will lose out. Giving these rooms a much-needed face lift can boost your rental opportunities no end, so why not make them as luxurious as possible? It might sound like taking the luxury route is pushing the boundaries a bit; but you should consider that in London there is high demand in this sector of the market and you will almost certainly maximise your profits.

When choosing to revamp your kitchen and bathroom it’s not just about mod cons, it’s also about creating the right vibe. You want these rooms be spaces that people really want to spend their time in. With the bathroom, it’s about high-end accessories like standalone baths and walk in showers, heated towel rails and wall-to-floor tiling. It should feel like you are being pampered and ultimately the perfect retreat after a hard day’s work. The kitchen should feel like everything is within easy reach. Choose built- in wine racks or coolers, ‘posh’ ovens or a walk-in pantry. And adding soft closing draws and cupboards can really pull the look together, giving a sleek but practical look to the room.

Ultimately it’s your choice which way you go. However, if you go down the luxury route even for just a few years, your bank balance could really reap the rewards; as property in this sector of the market is likely to snapped up quickly by both foreign and domestic renters, and they are willing to pay a premium for it. To conclude, you can really boost the value of your property and when you finally come to sell your property, you will almost certainly cash in.

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