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Hotel suite investment needed to meet demand from tourism

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Demand for hotel suite investment is set to rise in Liverpool due to the city’s efforts to increase its attractiveness to tourist.

Metro mayor for the Liverpool city region Steve Rotherham has pledged to boost the attractiveness of Liverpool to rival the most popular cities across the UK, with an expected rise in tourist numbers helping to boost the local economy.

According to figures published by North West Research & Strategy on behalf of the Liverpool Enterprise Partnership last year, the city ranked fifth overall with a total of 671,000 visitors in 2016.

This placed Liverpool behind London (19.06 million visitors), Edinburgh (1.68 million), Manchester (1.19 million) and Birmingham (1.11 million) in terms of its overall popularity, but this is a position that the metro mayor believes can be changed in the years ahead.

Outlining his ambitious goals for the future, Mr Rotherham stated: “Birmingham and Manchester are great cities, with more people visiting than currently visit our region; but neither possesses a World Heritage site, neither has a comparable international brand or has made an equivalent contribution to global culture, and they certainly cannot match the breadth and diversity of our offer in terms of coastal scenery and outdoor recreation.

“We are the third most instagrammed place in the UK, so let’s be the third most visited.”

He made his announcement at Liverpool’s Visitor Economy Week 2018, which took place in February and was hosted at the world famous home of Liverpool FC, Anfield.

The event attracted more than 50 speakers and exhibitors and was focused on unlocking the full economic potential of Liverpool and the surrounding area. Tourism was therefore a hot topic for attendees, with ways to create more jobs within the industry and how to more effectively market Liverpool to the masses just some of the issues that were up for debate.

Developers and investors in the Liverpool area will therefore be buoyed by the mayor’s comments, with his confidence helping to ensure more new projects like the Epic Hotel and Residence to enhance tourism and to bolster visitor numbers will be taking place in the coming months.

It means the city will hope to witness even stronger levels of tourism moving forward and that means even higher demand for new hospitality developments across the city.

Investors should therefore see ever greater opportunities to enter the market, as efforts to make Liverpool an even more exciting and attractive destination for visitors from around the world grow in the months and years ahead.

Hotel suite investment

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