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[Guide] Consider your retirement investment options

Author: Gemma





Savers aged over 55 are now able to access their pension point however, there are many retirement investment options available.

In the third and final instalment of Experience Invest’s exclusive guide to the pension reform, Money Marketing’s Head of News, Thomas Selby, explains the pros and cons of investing in property using your pension.

Bricks and mortar has been a popular choice for investors as it is a tangible asset and it’s safe to say that most people understand how property investment works.

This guide outlines the options that investors have when purchasing a property through their retirement fund. It also looks at investing in a property with a pension and investing in a property outside of a pension.

A popular choice of investors

Property investment is a popular choice for retirees. Research from insurance company Prudential shows that more than 2 thirds of homeowners aged over 55 are looking to purchase another property in their lifetime.

14% of those surveyed stated that their property investment plans were boosted by changes to pension reform.

Part 3 of Experience Invest’s exclusive three-part 2015 Pension Reform Guide provides clear information about what investors should consider before purchasing a retirement property.

Your free guide includes…

• Using your pension to invest in property
• Purchasing a property within a pension
• Purchasing a property outside of your pension
• Why invest in property?
• The pros and cons of investing using your pension

Simply follow the link for instant access to your complimentary 2015 Pension Reform Guide.

Like any form of investment, purchasing a property using a pension has its pros and cons. For those looking at retirement investment options, why not click here to read Part One and Part Two of this three-part guide?

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