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The Great British House Race

Author: Gemma




A are today’s course specialists; weighing up which major British racecourse towns are best for property prices, house price growth and for rental yields.

With buy-to-let remaining the number one choice for UK investors, landlords have been chomping at the bit to find out which areas could be considered a ‘sure thing’.

Grand National Infographic

Race One: Cheapest Housing

No Steward’s enquiry is needed for the champion of race one. Doncaster comes out top for the cheapest location for house prices, with the average starting price of a 4-bed home priced at £245,256.

Race Two: Priciest Property

No photo finish is needed in our next race. Ascot is the clear winner for the priciest British racecourse town. The average 4-bed property would set back investors a whopping £935,757.

Race Three: Lowest Crime Rate

Ascot has been declared the safest racecourse town with the lowest crime rating. Epsom and Kempton Park take second and third place.

Race Four: Wifi Connection Speed

Kempton Park is the favourite for the best location for Wifi connection speed, with York and Cheltenham also performing at a fast pace.

Race Five: House Price Growth in the last 5 years

When it comes to property values, Epsom hit the jackpot in house price growth over the last 5 years. Property prices have galloped ahead of the rest of the field by a staggering 38.67%, with Kempton Park (35.44%) and Newmarket (34.99%) following the winner.

Race Six: Best for Investment

In race for buy-to-let yields, Ascot has been pipped at the post by Doncaster. Rental returns weighed in at 5.78% in Ascot, with the town narrowly missing out on the prize to Doncaster, where investors may achieve a 6.05% rental return.


The odds are in the favour of Kempton Park, which has been awarded a trophy for the Cheapest Commute.

Outsider, York, has been awarded a trophy for its Best Choice of Pubs.


Aintree is the best turned out for families. Doncaster has been tipped as the cheapest place for a pint and for those looking to place their bets, Doncaster has the most betting shops.

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