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Student accommodation

Free guide released to help educate investors about the UK’s student accommodation investment market

Author: Gemma





Leading property specialist Experience Invest has launched a free online guide to help educate investors about the UK’s student property market.

Now in its 4th year, the Q2 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide will appeal to those who wish to learn more about the asset class.

“Although most people have some knowledge of the market, many investors remain unaware of the high returns they can achieve from student property,” Dale Anderson, Project Manager at Experience Invest explains.

“Outdated ideas about rundown, converted residential houses and troublesome tenants have put some investors off the market. In reality, today’s market consists of sleek new-build properties which have been designed with students in mind. High speed Wi-Fi, on site gyms and communal rooms with gaming centres, Sky TV and pool tables come as standard in this flourishing property market.

“The specialist nature of the sector has put some investors off in the past. Our UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide helps to educate investors about the changing shape of the market and it explains how investors can achieve strong returns from a fully manage asset.”

The rise of student property

With a record-breaking £5.7 billion invested in UK student property in 2015, it is safe to say that the sector has moved into the mainstream.

Much of the impressive growth over the last few years has been propelled by rising student numbers and a high demand for modern accommodation in key university towns and cities in the UK.
The guide will help investors understand the evolution of this property market and will outline what questions to ask when considering investing.

Free student accommodation investment market

What’s in the free guide?

From video interviews to infographics, from unique surveys to breaking news and features, Experience Invest’s Q2 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide will provide readers with all they need to know about the market. Read report…

• Video interviews, testimonials and more
• Breaking news and features
• Interactive FAQs
• Location guide
• HMOs vs Purpose-built student property
• Risks vs Rewards
• Top 5 tips
• Sneak peek inside a completed student development

The interactive features within the guide allow readers to watch videos of completed developments and see thought provoking interviews and testimonials. Its user friendly format means readers can access their free guide at home or on the go via tablet or mobile.

Simply follow the link to access your free copy of the Experience Invest Q2 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide.

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