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First investment property? How to calculate your yield

Author: Gemma





A first investment property can shape the future of an investor’s property portfolio.

The UK’s buy-to-let market has emerged as a popular choice for investors who wish to generate rental returns. Before entering an investments, investors should carefully consider what they wish to achieve from their purchase.

Calculating your returns on your first investment property…

Many first time property investors fail to factor simple things such as the interest repayments on their mortgage, repair and maintenance costs and even management fees.

The experts at have created a handy buy-to-let calculator to help guide those looking to invest in property.

The easy to use calculator allows investors to estimate their returns based on the purchase price, deposit, mortgage interest rates, month rental income and initial costs of their potential investment.

Click here to calculate your returns…

Fully managed opportunities

Purchasing a buy-to-let property with a mortgage is one option which is favoured by many investors.

Cash investments, where there is no mortgage and no interest repayments, will provide investors with higher rental returns.

With UK property prices rising at record rates, some investors may be put off by the high entry level of a cash property investment.

Alternative asset classes such as student property and care homes have emerged as a popular choice for cash investors who are looking for a lower entry level into the UK’s property market.

Experience Invest has a wide selection of high yielding opportunities which are suitable for those looking to generate an income from property.

Investors can purchase a room within a fully managed, new-build development from £50,000. With a favourable payment plan in place throughout construction, investors are able to spread the cost of their investment.

With assured returns for a pre-determined period of time, investors do not have to factor in management fees, maintenance costs or void periods as the yield is assured.

If you would like to discuss your first investment property with one of Experience Invest’s consultants, simply email or call +44 (0)207 834 1113.

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