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To help investors make an informed decision, the Experience Invest team has complied a list of frequently asked questions.

Find out what to expect from investing in a UK property through Experience Invest and how the purchase process works for each asset class.

Simply expand the section to find out the answer to your question. If you are looking for a more personalised touch, simply visit the support section of the website.

  • Why choose Experience Invest?
    Founded in 2004, Experience Invest is a privately owned UK property investment company. Well-established within its sector, Experience Invest brokers over 1,000 individual transactions each year with a total value of approximately £100 million.
  • Can I access testimonials from previous investors?
    Yes. We have a wide selection of client testimonials on our testimonial page. Simply click here to be redirected.
  • Experience Invest offers a range of services including:
    · Exclusive access to industry-leading investment products
    · One-on-one consultations at our London office
    · Full aftersales support
    · Customer service
    · Legal services (recommendation of experienced Lawyers who are experts in your chosen property sector)
    · Property management (all of our high-yielding investments have a specialist Management Company in place)
  • Is the sale handled by UK lawyers?
    Yes. A team of commercial solicitors, experience in the market you have chosen to invest in, have been appointed to act on the behalf of investors.
  • Is interest paid on my funds during construction?
    This depends on the project. In general interest is paid during the construction phase on all funds deposited by clients however, please check with your dedicated property consultant for more information on your chosen project. Not all opportunities will pay interest on deposited funds.
  • Who manages my investment?
    A specialist Management Company who operates in your chosen sector will manage your unit/s. Experience Invest will provide investors with detailed information about the Management Company in place for each development. Simply contact your dedicated sales representative or one of our aftersales team for specific information on your investment.
  • How are funds safeguarded throughout the build?
    All funds are placed in a solicitor's account and funds are only released upon Architect Certification. As funds have been allocated for construction, the risk of the developer going into liquidation is minimal and, as the build has been essentially paid for, a new team could be installed to complete the project.
  • Who pays my guaranteed income?
    The income will derive from the Management and paid directly to the Investor by the Developer. The terms of your payment will be included in your contract and you will receive income statements throughout the duration of your investment.
  • Are there any other running costs or fees to the investor?
    There are no hidden fees and no additional running costs or expenses payable by the Investor. Rent will be paid NET, with all charges, maintenance and management fees already deducted.
  • What are the legal securities?
    All funds are paid into the solicitor client account and only released upon sign off by the architects and surveyor inspection and certification on completion. Clients are protected with a legal framework and management contract assuring the rental income for a minimum period (depending on the investment structure).
  • What happens if the construction is delayed?
    Whilst no one can legislate for inclement weather and other external factors that might lead to delays in the build, this is a risk that can be dealt with by asking questions about the developer. Any reputable project will have contingencies in place for any overruns in completing the project. There is also a longstop date within the contract to project the client’s best interest.

    Investors are provided with regular construction updates and images of the build can be found on each individual investment’s constriction timeline on this website.
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