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Experience Invest playing an important role in partnership with Think Luton! campaign

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Experience Invest is proud to announce a new partnership in Luton, which allows the company to become a part of one of the most exciting and fast-paced regeneration projects taking part anywhere in the UK at present.

Luton has a lot to offer as a commuter town, and Experience Invest is teaming up with Think Luton! to make the realisation of its potential a reality.

In the last few years, Luton has become one of the key focal points for regeneration work thanks to its favourable geographical standing.

Located just over 32 miles north-west of London’s centre, the town has the real potential to house commuters who are looking for modern, attractive places to live while they work in London.

Experience Invest in Luton

Since the regeneration effort was announced last April – Luton became one of 34 towns around the UK earmarked for regeneration with a new £1.5 billion plan – Think Luton! has been one of the most vocal and fervent backers of the campaign, helping to drive the project forward and improve the town for its new commuter community, and now, Experience Invest will be working with the company to bring some of the most profitable and top performing asset classes available to Luton in order to meet demand for properties.

Experience Think Luton

Luton regeneration

The regeneration of Luton hinges almost solely on its potential for becoming a major commuter base for London. With its fantastic transport links – London is only 22 minutes away by train, and the airport is becoming a more important hub all the time – and strong potential for growth, it was seen as the perfect place to start rebuilding.

However, the town is more than just somewhere for commuters. Over the coming years, it is expected that the regeneration of Luton will bring tens of thousands of jobs to the town, helping it to thrive and become a great place to live and work.


The town also has excellent connections to the rest of the country and is just minutes away from the M24, the A1 and other main road routes. Its easy access to major UK cities means makes Luton a natural choice for distributors.

Overall, the town has seen eight key areas for regeneration highlighted. These include the retail, leisure, hotels and housing opportunities for investors in property, and employment growth opportunities in areas such as engineering, technology, creative and aviation. Plans have also been circulated for a new football stadium to house the town’s team, and a 1 million sq ft shopping centre at the heart of the town.

Experience Invest

Experience Invest in Luton

Experience Invest will be bringing some of the most in demand and top performing property asset classes around to Luton as part of the town’s regeneration, and will be working with Think Luton! to show investors the opportunities that come with such assets through a series of local events, highlighting both the potential of the town and new properties.

Working with well-established developers, Experience Invest plans to bring high-quality, purpose-built properties for both the residential lettings and student accommodation markets.


In the lucrative student sector, Experience Invest will provide just under 800 rooms in the shape of the already completed and fully occupied Park House and Chapel Street, and Opto House, which is currently under construction.

All of these accommodation blocks are built with student needs in mind, comprising a gym, cinema room and communal living space, among other highlights, and are perfect for investors looking to get a foothold in one of the best performing asset classes available anywhere in the UK.


Investors in these blocks are able to achieve an assured income per annum for a pre-determined amount of time, as well as being able to take advantage of the property management from Opto Living, which takes the stress out of being a landlord.

Elsewhere, Experience Invest is also set to launch New Bedford House, a residential development that will contain 54 one and two-bedroom apartments, all of which are built with the rental market and mind and completed to a very high standard.

For investors, these properties will also offer the chance to secure return on investment for a number of years and get a foot on the ladder in what will soon become one of the most exciting and lucrative places to own property.

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