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Experience Invest reviews the pros and cons of the new pension reform

Author: Gemma





In part two out of three, Experience Invest reviews the pros and cons of the new pension reform and provides detailed information about investment opportunities which are now available to savers.

Exclusive to Experience Invest, Money Marketing’s Head of News, Thomas Selby, provides an in-depth look into what savers should consider before investing their pension pot.

Since April 6 2015, savers aged over 55 have been able to access their pension pot and spend their saving as they wish (tax restrictions apply). With so many available options, many retirees are now looking for ways to generate an income from their pension.

The 2015 Pension Reform Guide will be helpful for retirees who want to make the most of their savings, but are unsure of the best option for them.

This free an impartial guide explores the pros and cons of available options.

Inside your free 2015 Pension Reform Guide:

• Recap of the reform
• Detailed insight into the available options such as:
• The pros and cons of cash
• The pros and cons buying an annuity
• The pros and cons of investing in buy-to-let property
• Investing – a general overview
• Alternative investment options (student property, off plan property, care homes etc.)
• The pros and cons of drawing the ‘natural yield’
• Safe investment tips
Click here to access 2015 Pension Reform Guide (Part Two)

Missed part one? Click here for instant access.

If you are considering taking money out of your pension pot, or are looking to generate an income from property, this guide will provide detailed information about options which are available to you.

Coming soon!

If you liked Experience Invest’s review of the pros and cons of the new pension reform, keep an eye out for the third and final part of this three-part exclusive series.

For free an impartial advice, click here to visit the Government’s Pension Advice site.

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