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Experience Invest launches new guide on property investment post-Brexit

Author: Gemma





There were 1,318 days between the EU referendum and Brexit formally taking place.

These three-and-a-half years were filled with a great deal of uncertainty and frustration for both ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’ alike. In the property sectors, such uncertainty resulted in buyers, sellers, investors and real property developers becoming more hesitant about committing to deals.

Positively, the UK is now starting to see a clearer picture of its political and economic future. With it has come the so-called ‘Boris Bounce’ – activity in the UK property market has spiked since the result of December 2019’s General Election.

However, questions still remain. How will Brexit impact the UK’s global standing as a hub for finance, commerce and investment? And when it comes to the future of the property market, what will Brexit mean for international investment into UK real estate?

To answer these important questions, Experience Invest has produced a new guide.

This in-depth resource explores the current state of the real estate market, as well as key events on the horizon that investors ought to be aware of. What’s more, it examines how each of these trends and events could affect the level of international investment that flows into bricks and mortar in the UK.

The guide looks at:

• How UK property prices have reacted to Brexit and the election result
• What experts are predicting for price growth over the coming five years
• How the pound sterling is faring against other currencies and how this is influencing demand from overseas buyers
• Which types of property investment are appealing to international investors and why
• What reforms are in the pipeline and how could they reshape the UK property market

You can download your copy of Experience Invest’s new guide by clicking here – International Investment Post-Brexit: How will Leaving the EU Affect the UK Property Market?

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