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Student accommodation

Experience Invest launches new and interactive 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide

Author: Gemma





In 2015, investment in the UK’s student property sector exceeded all expectations.

The experts at Jones Lang LaSalle predict that investment in the sector will surpass £5.7 billion by the end of the year.

When compared to previous years, JLL forecasts that total investment will be almost £3 billion above its previous peak of £2.7 billion, which was recorded back in 2012.

With investor attention shifting towards the student property sector, Experience Invest has created a new 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide.

Now in its third year, the Experience Invest guide reviews the performance of the UK’s student property market in 2015 and looks at key points which may affect the market in 2016.

The guide assesses the main driving points behind the sector such as student numbers, the demand for purpose-built property, locations for investments and it touches upon what has happened this year which may affect the market in 2016.

“We are pleased to provide our investors with instant access to our online 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide. Experience Invest has been at the forefront of the sector and we believe that it is important to educate our investors about the sector they are considering for investment,” Dale Anderson, Project Manager at Experience Invest commented.

Inside the 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide:

• Interactive polls
• Location guide
• Interviews with the experts
• Latest news, features and insights
• Watch video! See inside a completed UK student property development
• Video testimonial: Listen to what student property investors have to say about the sector
• Get social! Share the guide with your contacts
• FAQs: Get your questions answered

The easy-to-use guide is available online now. Click the link for instant access to your 2016 UK Student Accommodation Investment Guide.

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