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Experience Invest interview with The Telegraph

Author: Gemma





In a new video interview with The Telegraph, Experience Invest discusses the UK’s status as a property investment ‘hotspot’.

Property hotspot

The UK’s property market is a popular choice for investors as they wish to own a tangible asset rather than invest in stocks and shares, mutual funds, unit trust and private pensions.

As the asset is ‘real’ (you can see it, rent it out and potentially improve its value) many investors prefer to invest their money in property to generate an income.

The motivation behind a property investment can vary. Some people invest for their retirement, some invest for a passive income, some invest for potential capital growth and some people invest because they simply want their money to work harder for them.

Top performing asset classes

The UK’s property market recovered relatively quickly, despite the global economic crisis.

Property prices have bounced back and according to the HomeLet Rental Index, rents were 10% higher in Q1 2015 than the same period in 2014.

Residential buy-to-let property is a popular investment choice however, less traditional asset classes like student property have emerged as top performing sectors.

Stats from Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) show that around £2 billion has been invested in the student property sector every year since 2013.

JLL research also shows that 90% of investors plan to dip their toes into the alternative market, with respondents looking to increase their allocation to alternative opportunities by around 9%.

In Experience Invest’s interview with The Telegraph, Jerald Solis and Dale Anderson discuss the UK’s top asset classes in detail. Watch video…

Top tips from Experience Invest:

• It’s never too early to start investing for your future and your retirement.
• Due diligence checks are incredibly important when investing in property.
• Finding the right property in the right location will help ensure your investment is successful.
• For a hands-off investment, appoint a trusted Management Company to manage your property for you.
• Experience Invest was established in 2004 and sells property investments in today’s top performing sectors.

Click here to watch the Experience Invest interview with The Telegraph.

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