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Student accommodation

Could UK higher education quality attract more students?

Author: Gemma





The UK has been placed second in Europe and sixth in the world when it comes to providing a quality higher education, according to the latest rankings published by education and publishing firm Pearson.

Asia dominated the top five globally, with three of the five, including number one nation South Korea, but only Finland ranked better than the UK in Europe.

The rankings, based on an amalgamation of international tests and education data – including the OECD’s Pisa tests, and two major US-based studies, Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Timss) and Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls), include graduation rates as an important factor, and it was there the UK flourished.

Pearson chief executive John Fallon said there is an important economic importance to providing a high performing education system.

He added that there is a strong link between countries where there is a strong education and training system and economic growth.
Meanwhile, the UK’s business secretary Vince Cable said: “The UK has a global reputation for excellence in higher education, attracting overseas students who make huge economic and cultural contribution to Britain.

“To maintain our position, we must continue to attract international students and promote the UK as a knowledge economy.”

It is perhaps the latter of these points that could be really beneficial to property investors as well as the UK’s economy.

A strong education system in the UK will mean the country continues to attract more and more foreign students to the country each year, and they all need somewhere to live while they’re learning.

It means that those who are investing in purpose-built student accommodation across the country will see demand remain high, which in turn leads to rooms filling up quickly and leaving investors with a top level return each year.

Student property already presents some of the strongest rental yields in the UK at around seven or eight per cent on average, and an increasing level of demand would mean that this remains a reality for investors for years to come.

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