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The benefits of using a property consultancy like Experience Invest for overseas investors

Author: Staff





Overseas investment in UK buy-to-let property is, as it has always been, a popular venture for many people. Over the years, it’s an asset that has been popular with Russian and other European investors, as well as those from the US. But in more recent years, it’s those in the Middle East, and particularly the UAE, who have started to spend more money than ever before in what is considered one of the UK’s, and indeed the world’s, best asset classes.

There are many reasons that investment in UK property is a popular venture for those from the UAE, chief among which is the returns they can bring in. The most in demand homes in the UK are able to bring buy-to-let investors yields of more than ten per cent, which makes for a fantastic return on investment. On top of this, you’ve also got to consider other positives, such as the long-term health of the market, and the fact that you have a real chance of making strong capital gains over a number of years.

However, investment in property in the UK is not something you want to jump into alone. The market can be somewhat confusing, and knowing what to buy and where can be difficult, especially for newcomers to the market. Here, we take a look at a few reasons why it’s always a far better idea to look towards investing with a consultancy if you’re coming from overseas to buy UK property, and why companies like Experience Invest can be a real help along the way.

Market expertise

One of the main benefits you get from buying with Experience Invest is the expertise that we offer. Not only can we help guide you with the process of buying as a foreign investor, and answer any questions on financing, contracts and the legal ins and outs, we also have a wealth of experience when it comes to getting it right in the market.

Able to scope out new markets and developing rental hotspots, our off-plan developments allow you the chance to buy, safe in the knowledge that the buildings have been targeted at places where demand is sure to bring you in a healthy return. That sort of market expertise and insight is priceless when you are looking to get yourself a great return on investment.

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Experience Invest


If you are going to be working with a company overseas to invest in something that has not yet been built, you want to know that what you are spending your money on is going to come out as promised.

With a company like Experience Invest, however, you can rest assured that you will always be kept up to date with how things are going, so you can keep a close eye on proceedings, even from overseas. Regular progress reports and insights into how your development is going will keep you informed and let you know that things are going as you expect. This is especially important when you are geographically far from your assets.

Assured returns Experience Invest


Returns are important to any investor, and working with a company like Experience Invest allows you the chance to lock your returns in for a set amount of time when you buy. This is perfect for those from overseas, who who have not invested overseas before.

Locking in your returns for a set number of years removes the initial element of risk that you might associate with new investments overseas. This allows you to put your money into a market and feel safe in the knowledge that your returns are assured for a set period of time.

Experience Invest passive income

Passive option

Finally, it can also be beneficial as a foreign investor to know that the success and failure of your assets in the market is not solely on you, particularly when it comes to something like the rental market. Managing property is a very hands-on task that can require a lot of input from owners, and for those owners who not only don’t live close, but actually live on a different continent, it’s nearly impossible to be as active as you might need to be to find success.

With Experience Invest, however, you know that you are buying with a company that will manage your assets for you. They deal with lettings and other tenancy issues so you don’t have to, and this leaves you able to sit back, relax, and welcome your returns without having to be an active investor.

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