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Common Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors to Avoid

Author: Luke





The key for a better organization of small removals is in the good preparation throughout the weeks before the moving day! If you leave everything for the last minute – you will alter the chance to forget something in the hurry and the risk of damaging your possessions too. Yet if you don`t have enough time to deal with the relocation of a huge two-, three- or more bedroom house – a great idea is to call a big removal agency with professional teams for every task. It is much more expensive than doing everything by yourself however. Hiring a small removal van is another great option that gives you perfect professional services at a lower price. In all cases, the small removals may turn much more difficult than you`ve probably expected, because they are numerous and everywhere. Take a look at some tips and advices for a better organization!

There is no better way to optimize your bags and boxes with small items from the old house, than to get rid of the useless ones. Begin de-cluttering and sorting at least a week before the move. Put off aside all old newspapers, letters, bags or other useless things. Donate to charity all old clothes that don`t fit you or sell some objects by some of the greatest online selling platforms, which indeed, may turn out a very effective method to get rid of the old small objects yet with some additional value.

A better planning of the arrangement of the removal boxes is the next key step that is essential for the safety of all the small furnishings, appliances and other objects. Get yourself as much different sized boxes as possible, as well as boxes from different materials. Some companies offer rental removal boxes or recyclable ones, which are another great tip if you want to reduce even more the overall cost for the relocation. A better planning of the arrangement of the removal boxes may include a plan about which items fit perfectly in which boxes, and which items may need some wrappings to fit tightly and safely in the boxes.

Instead of throwing away all old newspapers, magazines and other papers – use them as wrappings for extra protection. From fragile items like glasses and porcelain, to metal and flat objects – the old papers are perfect as wrappings. They can be stuffed between the item and the walls of the box to provide a greater safety during the bumps and all other imperfections on the terrain. Another great option is to ask your Putney man and van company about their complimentary services. Search for recycling services or rental removal boxes. Why piling the boxes at home when you can just return the empty ones to the company.

Organize all small items and furnishings by different criteria in order to supervise them easily, as well as know what`s inside every box. A great organization of the small items will also contribute for less chaos in the removal checklist. For instance, the lightest small items should be included in just one column, the expensive items in another column, etc. Or else, you can name the columns in the moving checklist by the name of the different rooms.

Make one small special box for small special items only. It is the box that you should always keep on sight whether while loading or unloading the removal van, or throughout the entire trip. It might be a box with the keys, with sandwiches or water for the trip, with the phonebook and other important yet small items.

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