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Chinese government launches UK investment guide

Author: Gemma





The level of overseas investment in UK property is on the rise and China is one of the most notable nations when it comes to purchases of bricks and mortar.

With this in mind, the Chinese government has released a new investment guide for its residents looking to purchase property in the UK. It marks the first ever government publication of its kind for investors. 

It has been written with support from the National Development and Reform Commission and sets out the future for the Chinese economy and overseas investment.

According to the Telegraph, the document says that Chinese companies should perhaps look towards the UK’s manufacturing sector, infrastructure, biosciences, digital sector and professional services as potential areas of investment. 

The guide will now be distributed across China, as the UK looks to make the most of the rising interest from the Far East.

Oliver Letwin, cabinet office minister, said: “The UK is consistently ranked as Europe’s top recipient of foreign direct investment, so it is no surprise that the UK has also emerged as the most popular European destination for Chinese overseas investment.”

He also expressed his confidence that the guide will encourage further investment in the UK from Chinese companies. 

UK trade and investment minister Lord Livingston said foreign investors are attracted to the UK for a number of reasons, including its location between Asia and the US with easy access to Europe; predictable legal and regulatory systems; talent and capital markets; and innovation and creativity. 

“We are delighted by the very rapid increase in Chinese investment into the UK seen in recent years, and its equally rapid diversification across different sectors of the UK economy. The UK prides itself on being the open economy in the world for inward investment. We unreservedly welcome Chinese companies in the UK,” he said. 

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