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Best Home Staging Tips that Heightens the Resell Value

Author: Luke





The property market is highly competitive; it can often be the small touches which make the difference to a perspective buyer. The best way to make sure your home stands out from the competition is to make it as visually appealing as possible. A potential buyer needs to be able to imagine them self living there, this will create a bond far stronger than that which can be created by simply studying the practical considerations.

Once your house has been staged and has created this appeal it will be of greater interest to prospective buyers. This increase in interest will justify a higher price tag as well as almost guarantee a quicker sale.

Types of staging

The type of staging you are able to do will depend upon whether your house is lived in or currently vacant. Vacant homes are often empty and this will make it difficult for a buyer to see the potential in the home. Buyers may struggle to visualize the sitting room or master bedroom but will, instead, focus on the issues. These may be cracks in the walls, carpets which have seen better days or light fittings which are incorrectly mounted. The best way of staging an empty house is to rent or borrow a few pieces of furniture to provide a lived in feel. This and a fresh coat of paint will draw the attention of the buyers away from any flaws and onto the potential of the house.

Homes which are lived in can become cluttered. When selling, it is important to keep the majority of your personal effects out of sight. You need the buyer to feel that the home is theirs! Your walls should all be a neutral color and, whilst some pictures are good, too many equals overcrowding and will evoke too many memories. Furniture can be moved between rooms to create the best feel and flow for the house.

Have a closer look at cost
To create the right staging look it can be beneficial to hire an expert. They will have an eye for the detail and will be able to take an independent view; something that you may struggle with if you have occupied the house for a long time. The average professional will charge around $350 to inspect the house and suggest ways to make it more sellable. Of course, if they are dealing with a vacant house the budget will rise significantly as furniture will certainly need to be added.

Putting value into your home
Staging your home does more than create a warm feeling in a buyer as they examine your house. It can actually be the reason they choose to look at your property! In the past buyers would see an advert and drive past a house to assess its initial potential. Now, this is not necessary. Pictures on the internet show every angle of your property and most customers will decide whether to look at the house or not simply by studying these pictures. Staging your home will ensure these pictures look as inviting as possible and people will want to see your home. If you do not stage your home and create the appeal in your pictures you may find selling it a long and difficult process.

Locating the right stager
Once you have made the decision to use a stager you must locate one that will do a good job. Your first step is to speak to friends and neighbors and ask for their recommendations. Any prospective stager should be able to provide pictures of their previous work and have experience working with your type of property in Turkey. You may also find that there is a stager in your vicinity who has undertaken the Accredited Staging Professional course; if this is the case they will be listed on their website. Accredited people will have passed this course and understand what is necessary to stage a house properly.

Last but not least, it is essential to interview potential stagers to ensure their personality will fit with your own; this will ensure your home retains its appeal to you and you can make the necessary decisions together.

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