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Global travels and expert insights – looking back on Q3 for Experience Invest

  • Gemma
  • 9 Oct 2019
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Author: Gemma





The third quarter of 2019 turned out to be a busy and exciting time for Experience Invest, with promotional teams heading to Asia and the Middle East to showcase some of the most attractive property investment opportunities available in the UK right now.

Furthermore, we explored key trends in the property market and delivered expert insights in a series of brand new guides.

Here are some of the particular highlights of the past three months for the company:

Global exposure

Overseas investment is a key factor in the ongoing health of the UK property market. As business development and acquisitions director at Experience Invest, Jerald Solis, noted in a recent article for Global Banking and Finance Review, international investment has continued to flow into UK real estate in recent years, despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

The company plays an active role in maintaining this global investor interest by attending industry events and engaging with clients around the world.

In Q3, our team visited Thailand and Singapore to meet new and existing agents. Their primary goal was to present one of our newest and most promising projects: Opto Student Cardiff. This development of studio apartments in the centre of the Welsh capital will give investors the opportunity to benefit from encouraging trends in Cardiff’s student accommodation sector.

From September 25th to 27th, representatives from Experience Invest were in attendance at the 2019 outing of Cityscape Global in Dubai, the world’s biggest property exhibition and networking event.

Dubai’s World Trade Centre was the perfect venue to drum up further interest in Opto Student Cardiff.

Tracking the latest trends

As well as highlighting current opportunities in UK property to investors around the world, Experience Invest has been busy tracking some of the most significant trends in the market in a series of recent reports.

Brexit has undeniably been the defining theme of British life, business and the economy over the past three years, and we have explored what it could all mean for investors in our latest research. A guide published in Q3 looks specifically at post-Brexit investment strategies, examining how investors are managing their portfolios and making future plans amid all the questions surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

We also took a detailed look at investment prospects and opportunities in Cardiff, a city that has excellent potential for business growth and economic expansion in the coming years, which will fuel demand for high-quality housing. Read our insights by downloading the guide here.

Finally, Experience Invest compiled a report that looks at some of the latest trends and developments in northern England, a region that has made a huge contribution to overall UK house price growth in recent years, while London and the south have faltered.

More than five years on from the launch of the government’s Northern Powerhouse project, the study tracks the recent progress made in key regional cities and evaluates the success of government efforts to boost local economies.

Press coverage

All this new, unique research attracted a lot of press attention for Experience Invest.

FT Adviser reported on the findings from our survey of 1,000 property investors, which showed that 59 per cent of respondents were waiting for the Autumn Budget before moving ahead with their plans, while 55 per cent wanted to see how Brexit would unfold.

This research was also covered in articles published by Today’s Conveyancer, The Speaker and Estate Agency Now.

Elsewhere, Jerald Solis wrote an article for Property Week highlighting some of the specific developments that have taken place since the launch of the Northern Powerhouse initiative. These include a seven per cent increase in employment in the north since 2014, compared with the wider UK average of six per cent.

He also welcomed recent indications that regenerating the north is “firmly back on the government’s agenda”, but stressed it “remains to be seen what concrete actions will be taken” to back up promises made by new prime minister Boris Johnson.

All in all, Q3 was a highly eventful period for Experience Invest, and there is more to look forward to in the coming months. Keep an eye on our blog to find out what exciting developments are on the way in Q4.

To find out more about current UK property investment opportunities, get in touch with us.

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