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Case study: Student property investment in Liverpool

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  • 22 Sep 2017
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Experience Invest sells high yielding, off plan student accommodation to UK and overseas buyers. In some cases, investors wish to sell their property upon completion. Experience Invest recently helped a client to resell their unit. Here is a review of the client’s experience.

Over the last few years, Liverpool has marked itself as one of the best places in the UK to do business as a property investor.

One of the most attractive investment options in Liverpool at present centres around the student market. Liverpool has one of the most thriving student populations in the country, with more than 57,000 students and 5 universities.

These reasons and more are behind many investors looking to spend their money with Experience Invest for the chance to get themselves a piece of one of the highest yielding and most beneficial assets around. Liverpool-based stock like L1 City Living allows investors such as Kevin Lim, a Hong Kong-based buyer, to get themselves purpose built rental stock in a high performing market with assured returns.

Experience Invest Company Review

Review: Buying with Experience Invest

Kevin came to Experience Invest after seeing an advert online for a student accommodation investment in the shape of L1 City Living. He was looking to invest in buy-to-let stock as an avenue for building a small portfolio of properties that allows him to make a nice passive income.

Like most people who are looking to invest in property, Kevin also had a number of different criteria that L1 City Living managed to fulfil. An important part of any decision to invest in property is ensuring that you have something that works for you and meets your needs, and Kevin wanted a property that gave him:

Good location: L1 City Living’s location near to the universities and in an area of exciting regeneration makes it a fantastic option for investors both new to the market and experienced.

“The location of the investment, the regeneration in surrounding area and close to universities.”

Reasonably priced: For newcomers in particular, a competitive price for property investment is important – something that off-plan discounts can help with. Property priced well in a good area can also allow for the strong potential of capital gains down the line.

“The investment was within my budget, potential for capital gains.”

Assured returns: Risk is a factor with any investment, so being able to put money into an asset that offers an assured return for a set period of time gives new buyers real peace of mind from their investment.

“Hands-off investment with guaranteed income.”

Fully managed strategy: Investing in some asset classes can be time consuming for the buyer, but Experience Invest reviews and appoints a specialist company to fully manage the lettings process, so once investors have put their money in, there’s little else to do than sit back and enjoy the benefits.

“Quality of staff who handled my enquiries was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable about the product and the market, quick to respond and great follow up. That gave me confidence that I was dealing with a professional organisation and made my decision to purchase an easy one.”

Experience: Many buyers like Kevin come to us because of the experience and expertise we have in the market. We have knowledgeable people available at every step of the process to guide investors through and answer any questions they might have to give them confidence in our professionalism.

Experience Invest review

Buying off plan

Off plan property purchases can seem like something of a leap of faith. As an investor, you’re buying into something that’s yet to be completed, and you’re putting your trust in the company to make sure they deliver exactly what they sold, and what you expect as an investor.

Kevin said the process of working with Experience Invest saw him come out of the deal with exactly what he was looking for, and the stock he had purchased was completely to specification. What’s more, he also praised the regular update reports received by investors throughout the completion process, and the fact that his questions were always handled promptly.

“During the development I received regular progress reports and prompt responses on my enquiries. Property was built to spec and I received monthly guaranteed rentals on time,” Kevin explained.

After completion of the building, investors also received their monthly assured rental income regularly and on time, giving them that peace of mind that everything was ticking over nicely.

“The ROI was excellent and on the higher end of my expectation,” Kevin continued.

In terms of income, the returns that you get as an investor are always assured for a set period when you work with Experience Invest, but you can often get more than you might expect. At L1 City Living, there were no complaints from investors who received a fantastic return on investment, and Kevin said that they actually came in at the higher end of his expectations.

Student property review experience invest

Selling with Experience Invest

For a multitude of reasons, investors will often look to change the stock in their portfolio. In the case of Kevin, the main driver for change was to fund a larger investment, and like others, he wanted to sell his investment stock at L1 City Living as a way to do so. Thankfully, the process of selling with Experience Invest is as easy as buying in the first place.

According to Kevin, the experience of selling his assets in the Liverpool building was as “simple and straightforward” as when he purchased the unit. He said Experience Invest team were always on-hand to deal with his queries and guide him through the process, and they even checked in afterwards for news to see how the whole thing went.

“The experience was as simple and straightforward as when I purchased my unit. Experience Invest staff who handled my case was on hand to answer all my queries and guided me through the entire process even following up after the sale to check if all went well.

“The experience I had purchasing and selling was one of the most pleasant. In fact, I have already recommended Experience Invest to family and friends on many occasions!” Kevin explained.

Student property resale

Overall, according to Kevin, the process of investing off plan, making an income and selling his unit with Experience Invest was one of the most pleasant he has dealt with. He added that the expertise and assistance from staff at Experience Invest meant he had comfort in confidence in the fact his best interests were being looked after. All of this added up to make Experience Invest his top preference for off-plan property investment in the UK buy-to-let market.

“Their handling of my dealings with Experience Invest gave me comfort and confidence that my best interest was being taken care of. Experience Invest is definitely my preference for off-plan purchases in UK,” Kevin added.

For more feedback from clients, check out Experience Invest reviews on our site.

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