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Defying uncertainty: Celebrating a successful start to 2019

  • Gemma
  • 2 Apr 2019
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Author: Gemma





The dust is settling on a tumultuous first quarter of 2019. Tumultuous from a political perspective, at least – while progress in finding an agreeable Brexit deal has stalled over the first three months of the year, or perhaps even receded a little, the picture at Experience Invest HQ has been an altogether rosier one.

For one, some of our more regular readers may have noticed that we’ve revamped our website. Not only will this make it easier for investors to navigate the opportunities we have available at present, but we also have a new ‘resources’ section, which is home to the latest industry news and featured articles, along with research reports and property guides.

Looking back on the year thus far, Experience Invest has been making a lot of noise – we’ve been featured across national and international titles, as well as leading property publications, talking about a range of pertinent issues.

For example, you may have recently read about our research into how the UK’s buy-to-let investors are managing their portfolio in 2019/20. Not only did we find out how many people plan to expand, maintain or shrink the size of their bricks and mortar portfolios, but we also revealed both the regions and types of asset investors are considering for the coming year.

All the findings can be found in our March report: Uncovering the UK’s 2019 Property Investment Hotspots.

In the press

With the new tax year fast approaching (it starts on 6 April 2019), this timely research received plenty of attention in the media. In fact, Experience Invest featured in more than a dozen publications, including Financial Times, Yahoo Finance and Property Invest Today.

Away from our research, Jerald Solis, Experience Invest’s Business Development and Acquisitions Director, has been busy throughout Q1 2019 commenting on how Brexit is impacting the property market. To find out what he thinks about the developments in Westminster, you can head to the likes of Property Reporter, International Director and Global Banking & Finance to read his articles.

After all, we appreciate that it’s hard for property investors to escape Brexit doubts – everyone is keen to know how the UK’s departure from the European Union will affect their investments. That’s why last week Experience Invest launched its new guide: Understanding property investment in a post-Brexit world.

Upcoming projects

Yet the world does not wait for Brexit to materialise, and at Experience Invest we’ve been sure not to let this single event derail our own progress. In fact, as we enter the new tax year, we’re pleased to say we have a number of exciting property investment opportunities available, as well as several completed projects that will soon open their doors.

Our opportunities span student accommodation and residential buy-to-lets, with the properties covering some of the UK’s property investment hotspots such as Liverpool, Newcastle and Luton.

Moreover, the team at Experience Invest will be busy extending our reach to international clients looking to take advantage of the UK property market. Over the coming quarter, we will be attending international exhibitions and hosting seminars at keynote events across South East Asia.

We will continue to provide regular updates on all of our opportunities throughout Q2 2019 and beyond.

Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2019/20 financial year!

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