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Brexit doing little to dampen property investors’ spirits

  • Gemma
  • 8 Mar 2019
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Brexit is doing little to dampen the spirits of the UK’s property investors and buy-to-let (BTL) landlords, new research from Experience Invest has shown.

In February 2019, Experience Invest commissioned an independent study among more than 500 UK-based property investors to uncover how they are planning to manage their portfolios over the coming 12 months. On Wednesday the findings of this research were published exclusively in the Financial Times’ FTAdviser pages.

One of the standout findings from the research is that the majority of respondents (54%) intend to invest in more real estate in 2019. Furthermore, only one in ten (11%) said they plan on downsizing their bricks and mortar portfolios in the year ahead.

The research dispels some of the negative predictions that Brexit would inspire BTL landlords and property investors to retreat from the market.

Speaking to the FT, Jerald Solis, Experience Invest’s Business Development and Acquisitions Director, commented: “In light of tighter tax regulations on landlords and on-going Brexit uncertainty, there have been some doom and gloom predictions about the future of the UK property market.

“But our independent new research shows that, as an investment asset, real estate is still hugely popular, with a significant number of property investors looking to grow their portfolio further in 2019.”

Elsewhere, the research revealed the particular types of asset that property investors are considering buying in the coming months.

In terms of residential assets, houses (67%) are the most popular, followed by flats (54%). New-build residential properties are also receiving a lot of attention, with two in every five (39%) property investors keen to access this market, while a quarter are looking to student accommodation (24%) as another prevalent trend.

Just over a third (34%) of investors are considering commercial (34%), with 21% saying that semi-commercial real estate is on their radar for 2019.

You can read the full results of Experience Invest’s research, including the specific regions and cities real estate investors are flocking to this year, by downloading our new report: Uncovering the UK’s 2019 property investment hotspots.

Alternatively, follow the link to find out how Experience Invest can support your next property investment.

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