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Student accommodation

A-level students want to move away for university

Author: Gemma





Students are still looking to move to universities that are far away from home despite the rising costs of tuition fees, new research has revealed.

As conducted by career guidance firm Cambridge Occupational Analysts, the survey revealed that almost one in 20 prospective students, who are currently in state and independent schools, wish to stay in their home area to continue their education.

A poll of 17,000 students was taken, with the latest seven per cent figure marking a notable decrease from the nine per cent in 2011 and 15 per cent in 2004 who said they would like to stay close to home.

It was expected that the rising tuition fees would see more students studying closer to home in order to save some money, but the latest statistics show this isn’t necessarily the case.

The results highlight the need for more bespoke student housing developments in order to keep up with the demands of students who choose to live away from home.

Furthermore, it suggests that those who invest in student accommodation are likely to see healthy and sustained returns, as university rooms will fill up quickly.

Even in Scotland, where tuition fees are free for nationals, more students are looking to move away from home when compared to 2011. Some 31 per cent of young learners are now looking to stay at their parents’ homes or in the local area, compared to the 44 per cent who wanted to just two years ago.

According to the report, London saw the biggest fall in the number of students looking to stay in their local area, with just ten per cent saying they would like to remain in the capital. This is down from the 17 per cent who said they would in 2011.

Joint managing director of Cambridge Occupational Analysts Joyce Lane told the Times Higher Education that more students are willing to move away from home if they find a university course that suits their interests and needs.

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