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5 things we learnt from MIPIM UK

Author: Gemma





In case you didn’t get a chance to visit Experience Invest on the Think Luton! stand at MIPIM UK, we have rounded up the 5 main things we learnt from this year’s show.

1. The regions are open for business

When most people think of UK property investment, London springs to mind. This year’s MIPIM UK allowed this perception to be challenged.

The 3-day event was a great opportunity for local councils and the regions to showcase their continued regeneration and investment.

The Think Luton! stand was a springboard for the thriving Bedfordshire town, and the Experience Invest team was proud to be a part of this ambitious project.

With £1.5 billion in investment opportunities, Luton has emerged as one to watch. It is already home to the UK’s fastest growing airport and over the next 20 years, the town will go through a huge transformation which will be supported by the local government.

Throughout our time on the stand, we had some great conversations with people from across the world who were interested about the future of Luton.

From attending the show, it was clear that Think Luton! has innovative plans in place to propel Luton into the limelight. These plans are already attracting the attention of UK and overseas professionals.

Watch video from Day 1…

Experience Invest at MIPIM UK

2. Optimism surrounding Brexit

It was inevitable that Brexit would be the topic of choice throughout this year’s show however, there was a lot of optimism surrounding the UK’s property industry.

Whilst acknowledging that there were uncertain times ahead of the UK’s property market, almost everyone we spoke to was in agreeance that the demand for housing across Britain will continue to propel the industry forward.

Almost every industry expert we spoke to made it clear that Brexit will create exciting and new opportunities for UK and overseas investors. Watch video…


3. The power of the Northern Powerhouse

Due to the shakeup of the UK’s government earlier in the year, it was thought that the Northern Powerhouse could be a thing of the past.

Despite changes, the government remains ‘as committed as ever’ to the initiative which aims to improve economic growth across the north of England.

Many northern councils were present at MIPIM UK including Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

Their strong presence was a clear indication that the Northern Powerhouse is here to stay and represented the continued upward momentum of the initiative. Their stands attracted a great deal of interest from professional who attended the show.

Rising capital house prices seeing more people moving out of London

4.There is a real shortage of housing across the UK

There is mounting pressure on local authorities to build new and sustainable housing for residents.

Since introducing new housing targets, the UK’s government has been unable to meet its goal of 200,000 new homes per year. Last year, this figure was missed by 29%.

Despite the growing pressure for new-build properties, many believe that the targets are far too low to keep up with demand. View UK Housebuilding in Numbers infographic…

It was very clear from local councils and regional representatives that the need for housing across a range of sectors continues to grow. The need for investment is very clear and many local authorities are actively seeking investment from private investors.

5. Celebrity spotting…

You wouldn’t expect to see any celebrities at the UK’s largest property show however, this year was an exception.

Not only did we see two footballing legends in the shape of Rio Ferdinand and Bobby Zamora, but also we heard all about their pioneering Legacy Foundation.

Their £400m regeneration project will see the construction of 1,300 homes in Central Bedfordshire. Watch video about the project…

Proving the demand for housing in Bedfordshire, the project highlights the need for social and privately rented housing in the area.

Did you attend MIPIM UK? Share your thoughts from this year’s show in the comments box below this article.

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